Design research and Service Innovation

For over 20 years, I have spanned the roles of researcher, facilitator, and UX designer. My work tends to focus on understanding customer and client needs through customized collaborative workshops and design research. I often articulate those needs visually as UX deliverables through different modalities as required by the context and team.

what I do

Design thinking, UX,  and corporate innovation workshops

Co-creation and co-design, design thinking (human centered design), product innovation, discovery and understanding group discussions.

design research and
 system evaluation

In-depth interviews, usability testing, heuristic reviews, ethnography, shadowing, process and system mapping and group discussion workshops.

Rapid prototyping

Sketching, wirefames, low to high fidelity prototypes (sketching, Flinto, Marvel, Figma, Invision, Principle) Coded prototypes (Framer, HTML & CSS, Origami Studio )